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Our links can open in 104+ apps on both iOS and Android, from any other app!
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What is

It's a tool for turning regular links into deep links. Your new app-friendly links open directly in the corresponding mobile app (YouTube, Amazon, Facebook,...), not in those pesky in-app browsers. And if the app is not installed, it will still try to open in the system browser (Chrome, etc).

Why use's deep links?

When you share links on social media, like in an Instagram Story or YouTube description, they usually open inside app browsers where you are not usually logged in. But with, your links go straight to the app they belong to, giving a smoother experience and a better chance for conversions.

How can I use it?

Imagine sharing a YouTube video link on Instagram. With a regular link, it opens in Instagram's browser where the user is not logged-in so can't like, save or subscribe. With, it opens in the YouTube app where they are logged in already.

Or sharing an Amazon product link in a YouTube video description. With it opens the Amazon app where they are ready to buy, also ensuring proper attribution for affiliate links.

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